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Workshop - The Success Makeover

2-Day Group Coaching & Mastermind Bootcamp

Workshop - The Success Makeover

One Life Academy (OLA) is an ex Microsoftian venture, with prime focus on adult learning's for success in 21st Century. We help individuals & organisations grow eXponentially. We are the only organisation aligned to Project Management Methodology, PMI USA on Professional Development.

We are pioneers in the field of Professional Development and provide a platform to learn, what is NOT taught by academicians. We at OLA focus on Life Skills which our schools, colleges and for that matter universities do not cover during formal education. We help you be Life Ready. For more deatils about services we offer, please visit our website

Learn How To Overcome Fears & Limiting Beliefs Holding You Back In Your Business

  • -Have you experienced major setbacks and major failures in life?
  • -Ever been broke, lost a substantial amount of money?
  • -Lost confidence in yourself… your abilities?
  • -Not sure what your purpose is in life… lacking direction?
  • -Has life hit you so hard… you contemplated suicide?
  • -A friend, loved one, business partner betrayed your trust... hurt you?
  • -Circumstances beyond your control… thrown you off course?
  • -Ever feel like simply giving up?
  • -Feeling Stuck...

    What you will learn:
  • -7 Life Empowering Questions You Must Be Able To Answer Clearly.
  • -Practical Ways to Bouncing Back From Setbacks, Obstacle and Failures.
  • -The 7 Keys To Unlock The Secrets And Potential Of Your Personality.
  • -Why It’s Essential You Should Design A Lifeplan Based Upon Your Uniqueness.
  • -Effective Ways Master Your Emotions, Thoughts And Actions


    Where You Turn Knowledge Into Results
    Welcome you to ‘The Success Makeover’, training programs where we focus on turning knowledge and content into the right plans for you, and plans into appropriate action, consistent action and tenacious action. We understand there are many seminars, workshops, training programs, books, CD’s, videos… one might even say there is no lack of content… yet despite all this, it is well known that more than 80-90% of people struggle to turn what they learn into the results they so so desire.
    During The Success Makeover, it’s 20% content and 80% actualization. The purpose of The Success Makeover is to provide you, the entrepreneur, a supportive environment to better achieve the success you desire.
    The Spirit of TEAM:
    Together Entrepreneurs Achieve Miracles
    The entrepreneur path is not an easy one, it can even be a lonely one, full of challenges, obstacles and a multitude of opportunities… all waiting to hamper your efforts in turning your dreams, your visions into the reality you desire. When you attend The Success Makeover you will have opportunity to align and mastermind with other like minded individuals.
    Dive Deep - Swim Far
    Every diver will tell you, the wonders of the ocean are revealed when you dive deep… yet most people only choose to swim on the surface. The abundance of knowledge is like a vast ocean, while most people attempt to acquire a vast amount of knowledge, what we have learnt from successful people is the importance of mastering just a few select topics, however, we also know, left on their own, most people never give themselves the opportunity to dive deep into content and apply it to them.
    During The Success Makeover, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into one subject matter and more importantly unlock the secrets of how it truly applies to you.
    The Success Makeover Event
    The Success Makeover is an event that allow entrepreneurs to come together and explore key topics that are essential to achieve greater success and happiness in all areas of life. Unlike many training, TSM is not focused on imparting ‘more content’, it is ‘space’ for entrepreneurs to explore themes they might have already been exposed to, giving entrepreneurs the opportunity to dive deep into core topics, to share their perspective and their personal relationship to certain topics.

    With Suresh Babu

    When: 14-15th Nov'2015

    Time: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM.

    Venue: Hyatt Bangalore MG Road ,Ulsoor, Bengaluru, Karnataka

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