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Understanding the difference between the hearing the spoken words and understanding the unsaid meaning is the essence of body language. Any form of non-verbal communication form can be classified under body language

“Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important”

People are constantly throwing off a storm of signals. These signals may be non-verbal messages, facial expressions, voice tone and loudness. Hand gestures, and posture register almost immediately, a silent spectator may register a long-lasting impression by simply observing you.

Body language works both ways: Your own body language reveals your internal feelings and also what you think of others, and vice versa. Hence it is true when you say ‘body language is more powerful than words’

At One Life Academy, we will take you through a journey where you will understand:

  • Body language basics
  • Universal facial expressions
  • How to create a great impression
  • Ways in which our body language speaks loud and clear
  • What eye contact can do to you?
  • Emphasis on Eyes, mouth, head, arms, hands, handshakes, feet movement and your personal space
  • Sitting postures
  • Body language - examples of cultural differences, so on and so forth

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How will you Learn?

The course will be conducted via “Live training module (Zoom Video conferencing)” and will support live interactions with the trainer. The training time would be based on the courses chosen. Additional training material will be made available after registration and before the start of the course.


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