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It is important to know dinning rules especially when you are in a social set-up. They are the visible signs of our manners, personality and helps develop or create our image, which in turn helps us grow professionally and personally.

“Good manners will open the doors that best education cannot” - Clarence Thomas

No matter what the event or venue, there is always time for courtesy! Many people think that dining Etiquette and social courtesies are overhyped and they cannot be more wrong. People are often observed for their manners and social etiquettes, especially dining etiquettes.

Fine dining etiquette is typically designed for a formal setting and the rules do not apply during casual meetings or social gatherings. A specific seat is allocated to every individual and food is served very precisely by waiters or servers. Fine dining etiquette also includes table manners.

Indeed dressing up well isn't the only criteria that one must take care of when we speak about fine dining etiquettes. One must also be a pro at the table as well. If you wish to be an expert in multi course meal and enjoy the ambience and the food then step up to learn and enhance your knowledge around this skill.

With One life academy, learn this art of elegance and panache and reflect it in your class and exposure

How will you Learn?

The course will be conducted via “Live training module (Zoom Video conferencing)” and will support live interactions with the trainer. The training time would be based on the courses chosen. Additional training material will be made available after registration and before the start of the course.


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