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eXcellence in eXecution is specially designed to create a high performing team of an ambitious and optimistic organization, who also believe themselves to be distinguished in the market yet are not ignorant about the competition/rat race that is present in every business domain. It’s tested and proved with track record of 2X plus performance enhancement and its super powerful and massive results oriented intervention. The methodology, “SMARTER Implementation SYSTEMS” used is proprietary to One Life Academy.
It’s recommended that select few in batches of 25 are taken through this program as a journey of a year for best results. It includes Personal Coaching Program for the complete batch for the said duration and aligned to organizational Vision, Mission and oriented towards achieving organization's defined goals for the designated period. This module also includes training needs assessment/analysis wherein we do provide holistic solution through training delivery plan for the year, decide on the topic, pedagogy, identify the best suited trainers, thus have a holistic positive impact on the organization in having a really high performing teams, impacting the top line and bottom, while increasing the retention and engagement. eXcellence in eXecution*
This is an eXclusive and unique program designed around, "Employee Engagement, Enabling and Empowering” and focuses on aligning each team member towards the organizational goals, while helping them around their Career Growth. It’s all year program and starts with need assessment in very scientific manner and then involves designing and preparing the topics and content. This program is a boon for startups as leaders can focus on core business and business development. eXcellence in eXecution is a holistic approach to get the job done through effective execution, and includes and not limited to Effective Work Management, Self-Management, People Skills, Project and Business Management. The major challenge with the workforce today is around Communication with Impact and Influence the results. At One Life Academy, they have competent professionals to support StartUps with Business Dressing, Grooming and Personal Hygiene too, as today its global business with varied stakeholders.

The program is designed with results in mind and includes Coaching Individuals. A flagship event, “SureSuccess Intensive “is a 2 day event made in line with the success makeover which was originally conceived by Beejal Parmar and Suresh Babu. It’s a boot Camp around Group Coaching & developing masterminds.

“SureSuccess Intensive” is to provide time and space and allows the team to

  1. Evaluate Performance.
  2. Identify & resolve what’s holding them back.
  3. Create a compelling vision based on what’s possible.
  4. Engage in powerful processes to stimulate neuro-actualization.
  5. Decide what to focus on to achieve better results and rebalance your life.
  6. Design a 90-Day rapid results ACTion plan.


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