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It's no surprise that employees often prefer online training over traditional face-to- face training courses. One life academy does not restrict itself to offline training only. It also conducts online training.
People love the fact that they can access their online training courses anywhere, anytime. They don't have to stay after hours in the office to complete mandatory training, or to be stuck at their desk if they want to learn more about a specific task or process. We provide you online training which you can acquire from the comfort of your homes and at your scheduled time and date.
The amazing thing about our online training courses is that you can lose yourself in it. Our courses are interactive and allow for complete immersion. Scenarios, eLearning Games, simulations, and a wide range of other components create training experiences that draw you and make you feel like you are an essential part of the overall training experience.

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How will you Learn?

The course will be conducted via “Live training module (Zoom Video conferencing)” and will support live interactions with the trainer. The training time would be based on the courses chosen. Additional training material will be made available after registration and before the start of the course.


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    Suresh Babu Director - OLA

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