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Startups and Entrepreneurship are the most sought-after careers for GenY’s, however there is no structured support system and education provided which would help one increase the success rate and also accelerate the success. This is what, we identified as an opportunity and thus launched Sure Success Intensive, which is a 2 Day Group Coaching Intervention, targeted for solopreneurs, This signature program helps you create executable 90 Day ACTion plan. Achieve great success in personal and professional life and turn all your learnings & knowledge into Massive Results. This program teaches you to be more productive if you want More results from fewer efforts. Identify what’s working / what’s not working. By the end of the two day program you will learn how to make more money and have better relationships, unlock the potential of your personality and identify your limitations and fears. If you also want to know about your mind operating system – (MOS) and have holistic health forever then stay tuned and watch out for this space for our next SURE SUCCESS INTENSIVE program.

Here’s how your Day 1 and Day 2 look like:

Day 1

Know your personality(MBTI) and discover your strengths
Change your mindset and change your results
Make Xcllence your habit (mastering the art of taking action)
Mind OS (MIND operating system, finding the bug, CRAP and debugging the CRAP, power of starting.
Reboot at pit stop, time for servicing and refueling


Clarity and its power. (discovering the real YOU, your road and your path)
Project your business as a project (redefining and managing business as a project in line with PMI,USA, the SMART way)
Small is good (Making chunks, preparing task list and being coachable)
Results do matter (Plan the plan, 90 day action plan)
Close with a celebration (Revisit, review, redo the plan and reward)

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This is a group coaching conducted once in three months. Click here to reserve your spot.


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