There is a huge difference between coaching and teaching. As your Coach, we will help you improve and enhance your own performance. With our professional and expert advice we will help you leverage your strengths and work on your weaknesses.


We have huge gambit of training programs, which will help you enhance your existing skills and develop new ones. Our various training programs will help you achieve your goals effectively, skilfully and qualitatively.


Our experienced experts will provide you with professional expertise and advice on any issues affecting your professional growth. With more focus on entrepreneurial start-ups, our consulting services will aid you in solving a wide range of business hiccups.

Welcome to One Life Academy, an Ex Microsoftian Venture, offering Coaching, Training and Consulting for Individuals, Entrepreneurs and Start-Ups. The only eligibility criteria is, one must be hopeful, optimistic and must possess a positive attitude.
Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. - Jim Rohn "JR’s picture and quote as an image".
We human beings are the most blessed species on this planet earth and it’s a deal for just ‘One Life’.
Yes, we are blessed with an opportunity to live life of fulfilment and nothing less. “One Life Academy is a place of learning, place to learn how to live with a purpose.
Our philosophy is simple, “HELP HELPS”

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Body Language

Understanding the difference between the hearing the spoken words and understanding the unsaid meaning is the essence of body language. Any form of non-verbal communication form can be classified under body language


Dinning Etiquette

It is important to know dinning rules especially when you are in a social set-up. They are the visible signs of our manners, personality and helps develop or create our image, which in turn helps us grow professionally and personally.


Image Management

It is the art and science of managing one’s personal appearance and creating a positive image by using your body language, communication skills and clothing style. A positive, friendly and professional image can help one achieve their personal goals and develop mutually benefitting relationships.

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Mission Statement:

We at One Life Academy are on a mission. Our mission is to, “Enable & Empower people, live life of fulfilment, Easily, Effortlessly and Efficiently”. Help us fulfill our mission And we at One Life Academy are not into academics i.e., formal education thus have no graduation, post-graduation or Ph.D. programs being offered, however our programs cater to engineers, doctors, lawyers, chartered accountants and people from all other professionals, who are keen to live a better life, from now on. We are into adult learning, leveraging accelerated learning methodologies and into SELF- Education and are here to do everything possible to make one make a fortune.
Plato a philosopher, as well as mathematician, in Classical Greece said: “You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” Thus all our programs, events, trainings are packed with well thought through and designed games to play. In our world class experiential learning environments, critical business skills ()are taught & then put into action during games specifically designed to put you through a series of tests.
Drilling these skills, prepares you for the challenging circumstances that would arise as you build your business. Our courses deliver concrete, time-tested business skills through instruction & play — resulting in bottom-line results both for you & your business.
In today’s competitive world, good news is opportunities are in abundance and its imperative that you and your business stand out above the competition by multiple notches.

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We Have Powerful Milistones With Fun Fact Effects.


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At One Life Academy, we offer the most relevant and sought after courses and assessments. Our courses are specifically designed to strengthen your personality and to help you achieve success. These categories are useful for people from all walks of life. We cater to students, start-ups, entrepreneurs, people looking for a switch or those looking for a comeback and / or people in higher leadership positions who are looking to change their image and achieve greater success.

MBTI Myers-Briggs® Test Online

Discover your personality today with the MBTI Interpretive Report. You've heard people talk about the official Myers-Briggs personality test. Now it's your turn to discover your personality type online. It's fast, easy, and confidential. Use this information to pick among career options, restructure your current job, find out why your spouse or friends seem so different, or understand why your parents appear so unlike you. You will receive your personal report during your feedback session.

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SF Strength Finder 2.0

Brief about SF 2.0.

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Startups and Entrepreneurship are the most sought-after careers for GenY’s, however there is no structured support system and education provided which would help one increase the success rate and also accelerate the success. This is what, we identified as an opportunity and thus launched Sure Success Intensive, which is a 2 Day Group Coaching Intervention, targeted for solopreneurs, This signature program helps you create executable 90 Day ACTion plan. Achieve great success in personal and professional life and turn all your learnings & knowledge into Massive Results.

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Personal Coaching Program (PCP) is very powerful and result oriented Coaching Program and is designed based on a decade’s experience of working with individuals from all walks of life and who were at different career stages. The methodology, “SMARTER Implementation SYSTEMS” used in proprietary to One Life Academy. This is time bound intervention and provided for a period of one year. The premise of PCP is that knowing self, inside out is the key to success.

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Brief Description about XiX

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PM Project Management

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Five Key Aspects of Life

OLA is a place of learning to live life of fulfillment. We focus on what is not taught in schools, colleges and universities. We believe on holistic life and synchronocity between these five aspects and life.

Money and Wealth

1.Money & Wealth

Financial Literacy – Leading to financial independence



Identifying key stakeholders and managing relationships at home and workplace.



Holistic Health i.e. Physical Health, Mental Health & Emotional Health



Map your career path with confidence and aim to excel.



The intricate link that one experiences as sacred or transcendent which is beyond mere physical existence.

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